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Chateau Buffalo creates DANCING BUFFALO CIDER and PERRY at our city winery. Our award winning craft hard ciders are made with locally grown apples & pears.


Chateau Buffalo produces several varieties of craft ciders for your enjoyment.

From left: Mambo (Semi-Dry), Polka (Dry), Holiday Hop (Spiced, Serve HOT), Promenade (Sparkling)



DANCING BUFFALO ice wine of apple

"Le Beau Fleuve'



This is a very special wine we make here at Chateau Buffalo. Rich, sweet and full bodied icewine is made with a unique method of cryoconcentration, where freshly extracted sweet cider is left outside until the water in the juice freezes and separates from the sugar, which is gravity-harvested. The concentrated cider is then fermented into a delectable dessert wine.

On its own as an apéritif, Glace de Ballet will warm the heart and caress the palate. It is also the perfect accompaniment to lightly sautéed foie gras, a fine piece of chèvre or warmed apple tart.

Silver Medal 2008 Great Lakes Int'l Cider & Perry Comp.


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